Yellow Datterini Tomatoes Halved Organic in Brine 9x560g

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Preserved Yellow Datterini Tomatoes by Orthomed 9x560g Jars

Sweet, rich in antioxidants and delicious even without seasoning: the reason for the fame of this extraordinary fruit of the earth is certainly not a mystery.

Although in the beginning, all the tomatoes were of this colour, as even the name "golden apple" reminds us, in fact, today the yellow varieties are considered a rarity, a gourmet speciality, to be used not in everyday life but in signature recipes or in dishes designed ad hoc.

To begin with, let's clarify: although they may look similar in colour as in flavour, yellow tomatoes are not all the same. Just as in the different species of red fruits, datterini and cherry tomatoes, even if they are often exchanged by the careless consumer who cares only for the price, they are products in their own right and, in some ways, very different.

To understand the "shades of yellow" you have to start from red. A play on words to say that the differences between the two varieties are preserved transversely through the colours. Although both are two excellences of Made in Italy, these two types of tomatoes, the datterino and the cherry tomatoes are in fact very different.

Cherry Tomatoes characteristics

* Round shape

* Contains more water

* Consistent pulp

* It keeps for a long time

* Requires longer cooking

* Ideal to be eaten raw, in bruschetta and gourmet aperitifs

Characteristics of the Yellow Datterini

* Elongated shape

* Less water

* Very sweet

* Less juicy pulp

* Thicker skin

* Grade brix 8-10

* Ideal for fresh tomato sauce

Both are rich in lycopene, are an inexhaustible source of minerals and vitamin C.

Buonassai by Orthomed propose you artisanal products for your sin of gluttony!
When you dress your dishes with our product you can feel the magic! It suddenly takes you back to when you were children, and it makes you relive the same feelings as when the grandmother was busy preparing lunch for the party and the scent invaded all the rooms in the house.

You can relive those moments every time you open a pack of Buonassai products by Orthomed.

You can relive those moments every time you open a pack of Buonassai products.

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All our products are grown in full respect of nature.
Our tomato is processed after a few hours from the harvest to preserve it
flavoraroma and nutritional properties.

The product: 

The Split Organic Yellow Datterini Tomatoes with an overwhelming aroma and unique sweetness.

Have you ever tasted a yellow datterino pizza? You should do it!

More Information
Weight 5.4000
Region Apulia
Province Foggia
City Lesina
Origin of raw materials Self-produced
Length 25.0000
Width 25.0000
Height 20.0000
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