Tuscan Red Wines - Terradonnà - Box of 6 x 0,75 L

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Our land has clay soil that makes the surface arid. Accordingly, to prevent the roots from suffering dryness, they must be planted deep below the clay layer.
This is why we have chosen to place our lines 120 centimetres apart.
This type of plant involves extremely difficult cultivation, which is performed mostly manually by experienced operators.

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This Tuscan Red Wines Bundle contains:

  • 2 Bottles of Cabernet Merlot Sangiovese Red Wine Giaietto 0,75 L
  • 1 Bottle of Sangiovese Tuscan Red Wine Spato 0,75 L
  • 1 Bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Fine Red Wine Prasio 0,75 L
  • 1 Bottle of Syrah Sangiovese Tuscan Red Wine Bixbi 0,75 L
  • 1 Bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon Tuscan Red Wine Okenio 0,75 L

Cabernet Merlot Sangiovese Red Wine Gaietto 0,75 L

About the wine

A slogan for this wine is “strength in unity;” this is a blend of cabernet Sangiovese and merlot, with a frank nature and important body, an example of the territory of Suvereto’s excellence for wine production. The blend of these vintages creates a harmonious explosion of scents that make this wine delightful. It goes well with grilled meats and cold cuts.

Production method

Manual harvest of the grapes, fermentation in vitrified cement vats at a temperature of 24° where it remains in the skins for about 18 days; this is followed by soft pressing with a wooden wine press, after cleaning the wine from the lees, malolactic fermentation takes place and it remains in cement to mature for 12 months. Refining in bottles for 12 months.

Tasting notes

Intense ruby red colour, the nose is rich with hints of ripe red fruit, strawberry cherry and blackberry with a slight note of cut hay. On the palate it is very pleasant and has a harmonious and full entrance with a fruity return supported by a sweet and clean tannin, which creates a long persistence with a mineral finish.

Sangiovese Tuscany Red Wine Spato 0,75 L

About the wine

We are in Tuscany, and the world’s best-known grape variety is Sangiovese.

On the coast, this blend with its typical scents adds the influence of the proximity to the sea that carries its breeze to the hills of Suvereto, making the winter less severe.

Our 100% Sangiovese wine Spato is surprising for the freshness and soft tannins that envelop the palate, revealing traces of spices that make it appealing and invite another sip.

Food pairings: meat sauces, Florentine steak, peppered mussels.

Production method

Manual harvest, steeping in vitrified cement tanks at a temperature of 24 degrees for about 12 days, matured in French oak barrels for 12 months and in bottles for at least 12 months.

Tasting notes

Ruby red, the aromas of blackberry, raspberry, candied cherry and jam of berries, violet, sweet spices, cinnamon, cloves emerge. Strong gustatory impact with soft and well-integrated tannins, excellent persistence.

Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Fine Red Wine Prasio 0,75 L

About the wine

In our territory, international varieties have the highest expression and blending cabernet sauvignon and 50% merlot has been a rewarding choice over the years. In August, when the sun of Val di Cornia rouses the song of cicadas and the temperatures are very high even at night, the merlot is harvested in the early morning hours and will create 50% of this wine. Careful selection in the vineyard in small bunches (about 500 gr. per plant) gives us a guarantee of the highest quality. The operation is repeated at the beginning of September with the cabernet. The result is a full-bodied but elegant wine, complex due to its tertiary flavors resulting from the soil rich in clay and minerals.

Production method

Manual harvest of the grapes, steeping in vitrified cement tanks at a temperature of 24° where it remains for about 21 days, 60% aged in cement tanks for 12 months, 40% vitrified in French oak barrels and refined for 2 years in the bottle.

Tasting notes

Intense ruby red hue, the whole smell aromas of myrtle and eucalyptus emerge along with blueberry and blackcurrant berries, an evolution of dark chocolate and an accent of leather and spices emerge. In the mouth, it is warm and soft, with good structure, velvety tannins and long finish.

Syrah Sangiovese Tuscan Red Wine Bixbi 0,75 L

About the wine

This wine was created thinking about summer cuisine, ideal for those who enjoy drinking red wine even in summer. Syrah and Sangiovese grapes are the basis of this fresh and youthful product. A peculiarity of this wine is the temperature at which it can be tasted. It is at its best at 15/16°. This makes it particularly enjoyable as an aperitif or paired with fish soups. In main courses with a complexity of flavours, Bixbi is the perfect wine.

Production method

Hand-picked grapes macerate separately in vitrified cement vats at a controlled temperature for about 15 days. After clarification, the malolactic phase follows; the blend is created at this point considering the percentages of Sangiovese and Syrah. The Bixbi rests for 12 months in cement at low temperature before switching to refining in the bottle for at least one year.

Tasting notes

Purple in colour, it is expressed at the first sip with large fruit, blackberry and blueberry, floral hints of violet, gradually showing a delicate spiciness of green pepper. An important structure that hides behind the typical scents of the vines from which it comes, but which explodes gracefully after a few sips and conquers the palate. Good persistence with silky tannins, spicy aftertaste.

Cabernet Sauvignon Tuscan Red Wine Okenio 0,75 L

About the wine

The commander of the Terradonnà winery, the highest expression of the Suvereto territory in a pure cabernet sauvignon. Since 2002 we produce this wine that we have made known in the world of oenology. High quality required with great tenacity and every year is our biggest challenge.

Production method

Manual selection of the best grapes in the vineyard, slow maceration in vitrified cement tanks for 24 days, malolactic fermentation in French oak barriques where it remains for 14 months. Bottle ageing for 30 months.

Tasting notes

Impenetrable ruby red coat, the elegant and powerful bouquet highlights blackberry and cassis against a background of humus and fern; then he mentions balsamic resins, coffee and cinnamon. It has a remarkable structure with a density of tannins. The alcoholic component is properly integrated into the progression thanks to the contribution of a generous flavour. Persistent and elegant closure.

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Weight 8.3000
Origin of raw materials Self-produced
Length 29.0000
Width 30.0000
Height 40.0000
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