Datterini Tomato Puree - Organic Tomatoes by Orthomed 9x290g

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When you dress your dishes with our products you can feel the magic! It suddenly takes you back to when you were children, and it makes you relive the same feelings as when the grandmother was busy preparing lunch for the party and the scent invaded all the rooms in the house.

You can relive those moments every time you open a jar of Buonassai products.

Each package is a treasure trove of memories, happiness and traditions, a refuge to rediscover family warmth and to share pleasant moments in harmony.

home...there is friendship...there is joy...there is good taste...there is Buonassai!>>

All our products are grown in full respect of nature.
All our fresh vegetables are processed after only a few hours from the harvest to preserve its flavouraroma and nutritional properties.


The Buonassai tomato puree is born from the tradition and passion for genuine food preserves!

Naturally Sweet, rich in antioxidants and delicious even without seasoning: the reason for the fame of this extraordinary fruit of the earth is certainly not a mystery.

The tomatoes are pulpy and with a bright red colour. Excellent as a base for a sweet sauce with an overwhelming aroma, ripened in the summer sun and picked at the right time to be gently steamed. 

The cooperative Orthomed was born in 2001 by some local farmers. Foggia is a land of sun and unique landscapes, alternated by large expanses of lands, uncontaminated woods, hills and lakes, with the Gargano National Park at the centre. Home of tomato, evo oil, wine and many other products that make Italy the beautiful country, the main sponsor of the Mediterranean diet worldwide. Orthomed prefers quality rather than quantity.

They make use of the professionalism of three trusted laboratories that use artisanal transformation methods. Orthomed distributes its organic and conventional products, mainly in foreign markets, specifically Germany, France, England, Austria and Japan.


The tomatoes are selected with great care it is only the best it is started to be transformed in an artisanal way, dusting off the old systems, mixing various types of tomato and rediscovering the old cultivar that is not very productive and now abandoned, such as prunill, with a taste sour but firm with our tomato purée created with a mixture of three types of date tomatoes.

The tomato is grown in a genuine way, rigorously picked by hand and processed on the same day, the result is already unique and industrially inimitable.

Why does the end customer have to buy our products?

This is the question that housewives ask themselves when, in their trusted shop, they find their holds on the shelf saturated with the same product offered by dozens of different brands.

It is a question we have never answered.

We simply remove the capsule from the jar ... everything else comes by itself, simple emotions.

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Weight 3.0000
Region Apulia
Province Foggia
City Lesina
Origin of raw materials Self-produced
Length 25.0000
Width 25.0000
Height 20.0000
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