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Spaghetti Restaurant Pasta èViva - Agricola Piano - 500 gr

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Ingredients: Remilled durum wheat semolina with 100% Italian (Pugliese) live wheat germ, water.

Cooking time: 8/10 minutes


The Spaghetti Ristorante is made with our Durum Wheat Remilled Semolina with Live Wheat Germ, drawn in bronze and with a long and delicate drying (at low temperature) to preserve the flavor, aroma and taste of the Apulian wheat.

The result is a pasta with an unmistakable flavor, which keeps cooking and which binds perfectly to any seasoning. Try them drained "al dente"* and seasoned with an amatriciana sauce.

*Al dente means that you didn't over cook pasta until soft, so the consistant is not really soft. In Italy we want pasta "al dente".

Difficulty: low
Preparation: 25 min
Cooking: 8/10 min
Servings: for 6 people

Spaghetti 400 gr;
Pillow 100 gr;
Pecorino di Amatrice 75 grams (alternatively another pecorino with a delicate, unsalted and slightly spicy flavor);
Peeled tomato 350 gr;
Extra virgin olive oil from Peranzana mono varietal 1 tablespoon;
Dry White Wine 50 ml;
Salt, pepper to taste;
Chili pepper 1.

It starts by putting the chopped bacon, extra virgin olive oil and chilli pepper in a pan. The right ratio between bacon and pasta is a quarter: therefore, for 500 grams of pasta, they must use 125 grams of bacon. Brown over a high flame for a few minutes and blend with the white wine.
Remove, by draining it well, the bacon from the pan and keep it aside, warm.
Add the remaining tomato to the grease, which must be cooked for a few minutes, adjusting it with salt. Remove the chilli, which at this point will have given its flavor, avoiding burning it and adding the cubes of bacon to the sauce, finishing cooking and thickening the sauce.
Once the spaghetti is cooked al dente, put them in a bowl with the grated pecorino.
Mix the pasta with the pecorino and then add the sauce.

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Weight 0.9000
Average Drying Temperature (°C) 50
Average drying time (Hours) 72
Origin of raw materials Self-produced
Length 25.0000
Width 16.0000
Height 32.0000
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