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Semolina Flour 25Kg Agricola Piano

The company was founded by our father in 1966, however it is from many generations that my family is involved with agriculture. Since when I was just a kid, I have been raised to continue the family tradition, probably they had great expectation on me because I was the first born and the only boy. Despite my young age, I realised pretty quickly that this job was very frustrating not only because of the unpredictability of weather conditions but also as a result of the food industry and its overwhelming power that did not allowed us to have a fair return to our hard work.

Probably this was the main reason has driven me away from the family business. So, after my studies I started to do something completely different. However, destiny always finds its own way to reach you. In fact, after my father’s death I had to restarted looking after our small company.

Nowadays, I am proud to say that I am a successful farmer who processes and sells in a short supply chain everything he produces on field.

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Durum Wheat Flour 25kg

A mixture of about 700 varieties of ancient durum wheat coming from the mixture of prof. Salvatore Ceccarelli.

We have chosen to sow this mixture of prof. Salvatore Ceccarelli because it allows us to produce in a sustainable way.

Grinding type

Roller, without removing the wheat germ and without adding additives.

The roller technology allows us not to heat the wheat and to maintain all the nutritional characteristics.

gastronomic indications

The re-milled semolina of ancient durum wheat is a product designed for all types of homemade pasta; it is also used in leavened preparations, such as bread and focaccia or pizza, to which it gives a beautiful golden colour and high digestibility. Being our natural flours and thanks to the presence of the VIVO wheat germ, the doughs need less salt (about 20 gr. Per kg) and less yeast (0.4%).

TYPES OF MIXTURES AND PROCESSING INDICATED Dough leavened with direct and indirect method, both with beer yeast and mother yeast. Thanks to the variety, quality and presence of fibres, enzymes and mineral salts naturally present in the grain of wheat, our flour adapt to any type of production process.


Electric oven, wood oven, gas oven. Frying. Boiling in water and steaming. A sweet (at not too high) and slow cooking is always preferable. Because it ensures the perfect drying of the product up to the centre and ensures a uniform and golden colour.


Leavened doughs: up to 16 hours outside the refrigeration cell at 20 °; over 48 hours in a 4 ° cell. The mixing times vary according to the temperatures and humidity.


Excellent and prolonged over time both at room temperature and in the freezer (in the case of pre-cooked and frozen products). The presence of wheat germ together with the greater presence of fibres (which retains moisture and slows down stagnation) allows the product to remain fresh longer.


Characteristics of a fresh product, with the absence of unpleasant odours, mould, rancid or coming from the presence of poisonous seeds.

CONSISTENCY Soft to the touch, it must not be packed and lumpy.

More Information
Flour Durum Wheat
Strength of Flour (W) Weak (90 to 160)
Weight 26.0000
Origin of raw materials Self-produced
Length 65.0000
Width 40.0000
Height 40.0000
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