Semolina Flour 1 Kg Organic Stoneground Semolina Senatore Cappelli - Zilletta

Semolina Flour by Zilletta Di Brancia 

The only artisan stone mill existing all the Tavoliere delle Puglie.

Ancient and modern varieties of grains are grown organically and then stone ground in the family mill immersed in the fields.

Leonardo represents the fourth generation of a family of farmers: it was his great grandfather who purchased this land after the First World War, which, at the time, belonged to some nobles of the area. Today Leonardo cultivates 40 hectares of land: his love for ancient grains began thanks to his grandfather's long tales of old varieties. And so, after traveling the world for study purposes, this agronomist bought books, and attended numerous courses, finding some seeds that he then reproduced, such as the common wheat FrassinetoRisciolaMaiorca and Russello. Many seeds were donated by local farmers: they are harvested and threshed by hand, as was done fifty years ago.

Our family makes a small flour production thanks to our own stone mill, which was purchased in 2018 from Germany. The company produces about 40 quintals of Bianchetta soft wheat and 70 quintals of Senatore Cappelli durum wheat. The semolina is also used for pasta, which is bronze-drawn by slow drying from Casa Principe in the Monte Sant’Angelo (FG) plant. All the company's products are on sale in quality gastronomy, pizzerias and Apulian Bakeries.

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Semolina Flour 1kg

We cultivate our land according to strict canons of the organic method, producing the ancient cereals that were once sown in this area: Cappelli, Saragolla, Gentil Rosso, Frassineto, Maiorca, Risciola, Monococco spelled and Agostinello corn.
Cereals, naturally self-produced, are milled in the company's stone mill, thus producing 0 km wholemeal and semi-wholemeal semolina flour

The stone mill:

  • respect nature and its cycles
  • produces healthier flours, rich in fiber, essential elements and minerals, with a lower gluten rate and therefore greater digestibility
  • promotes agricultural practices and ancient crafts that have now disappeared 
  • increases agricultural biodiversity through the use of local varieties
More Information
Flour Durum Wheat Senatore Cappelli
Strength of Flour (W) Weak (90 to 160)
Weight 1.0000
Origin of raw materials Self-produced
Length 7.0000
Width 10.0000
Height 23.0000
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