Flavoured Honey 2x120g Acacia Honey with Saffron - Polline d'Oro

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Saffron Honey 2x120g

Flavoured Honey by Polline D'Oro 

Created by simply adding saffron to the acacia honey. The resulting product has a clear colour has a very sweet and delicate flavour.

It lends itself well to union with saffron as being in itself very light honey it does not dominate the unmistakable refinement and typical elegance of saffron.

Honey is considered a powerful antibacterial and it is customary to use it to soothe the cough and sore throat.

Specifically, Acacia Honey also has detoxifying effects for the liver, it is useful to counteract the acidity of the stomach and to promote intestinal balance.

Saffron instead, also called red spice gold, has antioxidant, relaxing, digestive properties, rich in iron, magnesium and vitamin B. Both products, Acacia Honey and Saffron, are produced by us. 

Our saffron grows on the hills of the Piedmontese Apennines, in a completely natural way, without the use of chemicals, in full respect of nature and man.

It is clear that to benefit from its properties, honey must be raw and must not have undergone industrial adulteration.

Be wary of imitations and buy Italian products, locally produced, checked and traceable.

About Saffron: The aroma of saffron and the smell similar to hay and iodoform. This is due to the picrocrocin and safranal molecules. It also contains a carotenoid pigment, the crocin, which gives a golden-yellow hue to the dishes and fabrics. Its documented history begins with an Assyrian botanical treatise from the 7th century BC. compiled under the reign of Sardanapalo and for over four millennia it has been traded and used. In the Middle Ages, it was the only spice traded in the West of indigenous origin.

More Information
Weight 0.2500
Length 15.0000
Width 15.0000
Height 12.0000
Region Piemonte
Province Alessandria
City Lerma
Altitude (meters above sea level) 400
Type of Honey ACACIA
Apis mellifera subspecies Apis mellifera ligustica
Ingredients Acacia Honey and Saffron
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