Our Manifesto

Here at Cibilia we are obsessed with quality. We want to be sure that our users get only the best and in order to achieve this we personally check that the producers who have access to the portal comply with a series of strict rules, in line with our mission and values.

The companies that sell on Cibilia:

do not exceed 50 employees and are not part

of any group

are direct producers:

we do not accept importers, wholesalers, retailers

The products sold on Cibilia:

do not need

to be transported by refrigerated means, because the quality of this food when it gets on our gourmets' table would not be the same as when it was first produced, and we want to offer only the best

do not contain

any type of chemical preservatives, imported vegetable oils and fats, dyes, hydrogenated fats and / or any substance with artificial additives hidden behind incomprehensible names


Honey - we select only honey produced by individual beekeepers or by groups of beekeepers.

Distinctive features: species of bees raised, meters above sea level, number of beehives.

Craft beer - our beer is produced by craft breweries that do not use corn, glucose syrup, sugar or any other ingredient added to artificially increase the alcohol content.

Distinctive features: water source used for production, IBU (bitterness), origin of hops (EU / US / mixed), beer style, Plato degrees, EBC (color).

Wine - we carefully select our wines ensuring that the places of collection, processing and bottling are no more than 50 km apart from each other.

Distinctive features: type of wine grapes, vintage and origin.

Fortified wines and liqueurs - we accept on our portal only products that do not contain dyes, preservatives and unspecified natural flavours.

Jams and preserves - The jams and preserves found on Cibilia do not contain more than 30% of added sugar and are produced only with fruit of tracked and certified provenance.

Distinctive features: origin of raw materials (own production or third party production), altitude of the crops (meters above sea level).

Salami - Salami that do not contain lactose, nitrates and nitrites, antioxidants or other chemicals.

Distinctive features: meat origin (livestock reared by the producer or by a third party).