Organic Olive Oil Ramieri - 6 x 500 ml - Peranzana Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Monovarietal Peranzana from Ramieri Estate

The Ramieri Rosaria farm was born in 2013 and is located in Foggia Province (Apulia, Italy). It produces certified organic olive oil. Francesco, the eldest son is today managing the brand and the farm. He's only in his 20's but his passion and dedication are the keys of his success. 

Ramieriìs organic extra-virgin olive oil is cold extracted from olives grown here on the Ramieri family estate and pressed, within a few hours of harvesting, here at local oil press. That’s why our Peranzana olive oil still contains all the goodness that made Southern Italy and our diet famous around the world.

Peranzana oil has a light and delicate flavour. A fresh, healthy oil, with intense green fruitiness, with vegetal and grassy notes reminiscent of green tomato and artichokes. To fully appreciate its outstanding sensory qualities, make sure to use it strictly as a dressing to flavour meats, bruschetta, salads and raw or cooked vegetables. 

Since ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, oil, together with wine and cereals, has been a foundation of the Mediterranean diet. According to experts, extra virgin olive oil is preferable to other fats because it is rich in beneficial substances such as polyphenolsantioxidants that are thought to slow down cellular ageing.

The family olive-farming is based on shared values like respect for the environment and traditions and an unwavering commitment to quality. Our olive-growing methods originate from ancient knowledge, treasured and handed down with love from father to son.

Its balanced and sweet flavour makes it very versatile in the kitchen. Excellent both raw with salads, bruschetta, legume soups but also in cooking on white meats and in fish dishes.

Peranzana extra virgin olive oil is also used in pastry making to prepare traditional Apulian sweets.

Grandma's advice: drinking a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil when you have a sore throat, will help to heal!

Peranzana Extra Virgin Oil

The monovarietal extra virgins are made with olives of a single variety.

In Italy there are about 500 different kinds of olives, many of these are very rooted in the territory of origin. Each type is different from the other: some have an early ripening, others late; some are resistant to adversity, others are sensitive.

Many of the commercial oils are produced with blends of olives purchased in various territories and often ground at times far from the harvest and in different mix quantities.
A monovarietal oil is usually an oil with a strong personality, very typical, very representative of the territory in which it is produced and very rare. Only a very small percentage of the oils produced in Italy is mono varietal, normally the oil is made with multiple types of olives worked together.

Organic Olive Oil

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More Information
Weight 4.5000
Length 31.0000
Width 25.0000
Height 34.0000
Region Apulia
Province Foggia
City San Severo
Altitude (meters above sea level) 60
Separation Oil/water Centrifugation
Harvest Time October
Harvest Method Mechanical
Yield - EVO Litres/100Kg Olives 10
Origin of raw materials Self-produced
Ingredients 100% Peranzana Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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