Wholesale Program – CIBILIA Authentic Food Makers

CIBILIA is the web platform that offers the opportunity to artisanal food and drink makers with proven characteristics of craftsmanship to sell their products online by independently managing their online store. For the authentic food maker to be admitted on the platform, the company and its products must comply with the admission requirements of our product specification.

In this way, we are sure to offer our customers high-quality food and drink products of the best quality, creating what we can now claim is our standard.

What is our definition of an artisanal food product?

Our definition of artisan food product refers to those products

  1. made by expert hands with ingredients produced directly by the craftsman or sourced locally
  2. made by companies that adopt artisan preparation methods for the food product.
  3. made in small quantities.

Our mission, in fact, is to bring the best of food and wine production to the pantries of houses, bars and restaurants by inserting only the products made with care and with selected ingredients sourced locally.

The added value of CIBILIA is precisely to bring together lovers of good food and of the good cuisine with farmers, young agricultural entrepreneurs and artisans. We want to tell their relationship with the land of origin of the ingredients they use and their skilful art that mixes tradition with innovation.

By choosing to buy on CIBILIA you can shop online for food, speciality products and DOCG and DOC wines in a simple and fast way with the security of receiving authentic delicacies that you will hardly find elsewhere.

CIBILIA.com regularly serves customers in the catering and food-related industries like high-end delicatessen stores, restaurants, hotels, chefs and bars. We value these types of customers and can offer special pricing to qualified customers through our B2B Wholesale Program, where you can take advantage of our high-quality products at wholesale prices. Some of the benefits of the Wholesale Program include:

  1. Volume discounts
  2. Direct Pricing
  3. Tax-exempt purchasing

Our wholesale program pricing is based on the frequency of purchase and/or volume.


Enjoy easy and convenient online ordering once your account is approved. There is a €450 minimum order amount for wholesale accounts.

SHIPPING We partner with DHL and this allows us to ship globally using their air and ground freight. To ensure the highest quality standard of our food and drink items, we only ship non-perishable items.

PAYMENT We require a major credit card and bank wire transfer for all purchases. We do not offer payment terms at this time as items will be booked to be shipped once the payment will be made.

GENERAL ADMISSION GUIDELINES Due to the favourable conditions, we offer through this program, we allow our wholesale program only to qualified businesses. To qualify, you must:

  1. have an incorporated business entity
  2. have a VAT number
  3. be in the hospitality, food service, food export or food retail industry
  4. operate from a recognised commercial address — we cannot ship wholesale orders to residential addresses

HOW TO APPLY If the CIBILIA – Authentic Food Maker wholesale program suits your business and you fulfil the criteria, we invite you to fill out our Wholesale Application form below. Approvals may take up to three business days once all information is received. Please fill out the form completely and avoid delays. Please contact us at it @ cibilia.com if you have any questions.