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What do cibilians do?

The main goal of a perfect Cibilian consists in providing artisans and small enterprises with a dedicated space where they can showcase their products to all those who not only appreciate naturally sourced food and drinks but are also interested in the story behind each product.

Become ambassadors of such artfully prepared food means to strongly believe in quality, and help to share the culture of good food.

The process is very simple and straightforward and it implies:

  • An invitation to a food maker (artisans and small enterprises) which respect the prerequisites and requirements requested by the platform
  • Active support on the platform to help the food maker presenting and inserting their products
  • An efficient commitment toward making their products known and shared on the marketplace

Any Cibilian is entitled to invite the best producers they meet on the website, supporting them by inserting their products on the e-commerce and sharing them however they can. Every time one of their producers receives a purchase request, they are nicely rewarded with credits that they can cash, spend on the site, or donate to one of the many no-profit organisations associated with Cibilia