senatore cappelli wheat

Senatore Cappelli wheat

Senatore Cappelli is a variety of durum wheat variety obtained by the geneticist Nazareno Strampelli – at the beginning of the 20th century at the Research Centre for the Cultivation of Cereals (Centro di Ricerca per la Cerealicoltura) in Foggia, Puglia – for genealogical selection of the North African variety “Jenah Rhetifah”.
Released in 1915, the new variety of wheat was dedicated by Strampelli to the Marchese Raffaele Cappelli from Abbruzzo, senator of the Kingdom of Italy, who, in the late nineteenth century, together with his brother his Antonio, supported Nazareno Strampelli in his activity, providing him with experimental fields, laboratories and other resources.

Cappelli wheat, despite being tall about 150-160 cm, late and susceptible to rust and lodging, had great success in Italy thanks to its wide adaptability, its rusticity and the excellent quality of its semolina. The introduction of this cultivar led to an increase in the average yields of 0.9 t / ha in 1920, obtained with the old local varieties. In the thirty years from the 1920s to the 1950s, up to 60% of the national durum wheat surface was cultivated with Senatore Cappelli variety, which subsequently spread to other Mediterranean countries.

Senatore Cappelli is still cultivated after almost a century, especially in the south of Italy (Basilicata, Calabria, Puglia, Sicily, Sardinia), for the production of superior quality pasta and organic bread and pizza. From the beginning of the last century until the 1960s, Senatore Cappelli represented the basis of the genetic improvement of durum wheat and is, in fact, present in the genetic heritage of almost all the durum wheat cultivars now grown in Italy and numerous others internationally.

The modest sowing density, the limited fertility of the soil and the low consumption of fertilisers contributed for a long time alleviating the problem of lodging associated with the high stature of this cultivar.

After the Second World War, the possibility of producing low-cost nitrogen fertilisers stimulated the creation of varieties capable of enhancing the administration of increasing quantities of nitrogen. Furthermore, the increased availability of herbicides has made it possible to remedy the lower competitiveness of low plants against weeds. In the following years (from 1950 to 1960), the genetic improvement was therefore mainly oriented to the reduction of the size and the increase of earliness, with attention to the quality characteristics of the grain.

Senatore Cappelli Semolina Flour

On you can buy organic stone-ground semolina flour from our producer Zilletta di Brancia. 

Senatore Cappelli

Senatore Cappelli Organic Stoneground semolina flour 1kg

Wholemeal Senatore Cappelli Semolina 1kg

Wholemeal Senatore Cappelli Semolina 1kg

Senatore Cappelli Pasta

Compared to pasta made with modern types of semolina, the Cappelli pasta is lighter in colour with a more intense taste of wheat.

On we have two artisanal producers using Senatore Cappelli semolina for the Pasta they make

The only artisan stone mill existing all the Tavoliere delle Puglie.

Ancient and modern varieties of grains are grown organically and then stone-ground in the family mill immersed in the fields.

Leonardo represents the fourth generation of a family of farmers: it was his great grandfather who purchased this land after the First World War, which, at the time, belonged to some nobles of the area. Today Leonardo cultivates 40 hectares of land: his love for ancient grains began thanks to his grandfather’s long tales of old varieties. And so, after travelling the world for study purposes, this agronomist bought books, and attended numerous courses, finding some seeds that he then reproduced, such as the common wheat FrassinetoRisciolaMaiorca and Russello. Many seeds were donated by local farmers: they are harvested and threshed by hand, as was done fifty years ago.

Our family makes a small flour production thanks to our own stone mill, which was purchased in 2018 from Germany. The company produces about 40 quintals of Bianchetta soft wheat and 70 quintals of Senatore Cappelli durum wheat. The semolina is also used for pasta, which is bronze-drawn by slow drying from Casa Principe in the Monte Sant’Angelo (FG) plant. All the company’s products are on sale in quality gastronomy, pizzerias and Apulian Bakeries.

Wholemeal Calamarata Pasta - Senatore Cappelli

Wholemeal Calamarata Pasta – Senatore Cappelli

Wholemeal Fusilli Pasta Organic Stone Ground Senatore Cappelli

Wholemeal Fusilli Pasta Organic Stone Ground Senatore Cappelli

The Andreola pasta factory has been a success story for over 15 years.

From the heart of the Tavoliere delle Puglie (Apulia, Italy) comes the artisan Andreola pasta, produced according to the strict canons of the ancient tradition, mixing the most selected hard grain semolina with the pure water that flows from the mountains of Daunia. The pasta has a characteristic roughness, which best meets and enhances the flavour of the sauces.

The regional formats are handcrafted, obtaining a product with the same characteristics of the ancient traditional Apulian pasta. The drying takes place slowly and at a low temperature so as not to alter the organoleptic characteristics of the product.

The Andreola pasta factory uses only durum wheat from the Tavoliere delle Puglie controlled and guaranteed Italian supply chain.

This is the story of Michele who learned the secrets of this art from his mother and started his pasta production activity according to the rules of tradition in 2004.

The passion for pasta has been handed down from generation to generation, with love and attention to detail.

Michele believes in what he does and is very proud of his work as a pasta craftsman. The origin of his grain is very important to him. He does not use imported cereals and believes that Italian wheat is the only one that has suitable characteristics to produce excellent pasta.

Cicatelli Pasta Senatore Cappelli Pastificio Andreola

Cicatelli Pasta Senatore Cappelli Pastificio Andreola

Orecchiette Pasta Cappelli Pastificio Andreola

Orecchiette Pasta Cappelli
Pastificio Andreola

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