CIBILIA - Authentic Food Makers® is a portal where foodies from around the world can meet with the best producers, to share their love for quality and excellence in food.

The portal comes from the idea of providing artisans and small enterprises with a dedicated space where they can showcase their products to all those who not only appreciate naturally sourced food and drinks, but are also interested in the story behind each product, and who want to become ambassadors of such artfully prepared whole foods.

There are three types of users on CIBILIA, all equally important:

The Food Makers

Only the best food makers, who operate in full respect of Our Quality Standards are allowed to sell on CIBILIA: these are small enterprises, whose quality is verified. Their products are naturally delicious because their methods meet the highest standards, standards that only small enterprises ready to forsake large-scale production can guarantee.

The Buyers

They are in love with quality, constantly looking for authentic and natural ingredients and products. By being able to interact directly with producers, here on CIBILIA they can find that which large-scale production can't offer them, while in the meantime rewarding the excellence of small and authentic food maker enterprises.

The Cibilians

They are the soul of Cibilia. Cibilians strongly believe in quality, and they become its ambassadors, helping to share the culture of good food. They invite the best producers they meet on the website, supporting them by inserting their products on the e-commerce and sharing them however they can. Every time one of their food makers receives a purchase request, they are nicely rewarded with credits that they can cash, spend on the site, or donate to one of the many non profit organisations associated with CIBILIA.

Collaboration between producers, Cibilians and buyers helps create the magic:

a dedicated network for all those who love good food, and believe in the importance of supporting small enterprises,

which have always been synonymous with effort, passion and excellence in food.