Honeydew - Polline D'Oro - 2x500g

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Honeydew 2x500g by Polline d'Oro 

Buy honeydew online directly from the beekeeper Simone Pozzi

In terms of nutritional substances, honeydew honey is the richest. It has double quantities of mineral salts compared to common honey and low sugar content, which makes it the honey of athletes or suitable for a low-calorie diet.

He was ranked third in the competition "Typical Piedmontese honey Franco Marletto".

Honey is considered a powerful antibacterial and it is customary to use it to soothe the cough and sore throat.

It is clear that to benefit from its properties, honey must be raw and must not have undergone industrial adulteration.

Be wary of imitations and buy Italian products, locally produced, checked and traceable.

Piedmontese Honeydew

The production of this honeydew takes place in full respect of its bees, their rhythms and the coincidence between the flowering of the plants (and therefore the availability of pollen) and the climatic conditions. This means that his is not a standard production like industrial production, but is the result of the occurrence and coincidence of these conditions. Such as difficult-to-produce cherry honey, as temperatures are very low at the moment of cherry blossom and this causes difficulty for the bees to get out of the hive. This makes its product rare and precious.

More Information
Weight 1.0000
Length 22.0000
Width 25.0000
Height 17.0000
Region Piemonte
Province Alessandria
City Lerma
Altitude (meters above sea level) 400
Type of Honey HONEYDEW
Apis mellifera subspecies Apis mellifera ligustica
Ingredients Honeydew
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