Guanciale 1Kg - Italian Cured Meats by Ventricina & Dintorni

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Guanciale 1Kg - Italian Cured Meats

Guanciale is the result of a cut of pork meat formed by the part of precious fat (it is a noble cut of pork) that goes from head to shoulder; it is used both as raw salami and, after cooking, for cotechino and zampone. The composition of the bacon is different from the lard, which instead represents the back portion of the covering fat with very few portions of muscle, and is in turn different from the bacon, which is already said to be a salami obtained from belly fat. Once the cut of meat, which includes the rind, is obtained, we proceed to the processing of the bacon with salt, pepper and in some cases of aromatic spices, and then move on to seasoning or all smoking (only in some cases).

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The farm and the artisan cured meat factory VENTRICINA & DINTORNI are born from the work of our young hands that daily reproduce the peasant knowledge of our country, Roccaspinalveti, whose families have been dedicated to the processing of pork for generations, finding its qualitative climax in the Ventricina del Vastese. Ventricina & Dintorni is a young reality, capable of telling a centuries-old tradition.

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The farm was born in Roccaspinalveti in 2011 from the passion of Michele Piccirilli, a young man from the fresh graduation place, determined to pass on that story of taste, passion and peasant wisdom that goes by the name of ventricina. A dream come true: in a few years, Ventricina & Dintorni has already made itself appreciated also on a national level. The secret of success lies in the passion and dynamism, but also together with factors such as the great knowledge of the product, the breeding of pigs themselves, the careful selection of raw materials, the naturalness of the production processes favoured by optimal climatic conditions, the unavoidable refusal of additives and preservatives, the indissoluble bond with the territory and its traditions, the mastery of technical skills and hygienic-sanitary regulations. For this, Ventricina & Dintorni is the tradition with a young face.

More Information
Weight 1.0000
Origin of raw materials Self-produced
Length 20.0000
Width 7.0000
Height 9.0000
Region Abruzzo
Province Chieti
City Roccaspinalveti
Altitude (meters above sea level) 730
Meat cut Pork Cheek
Age 0-12 Months
Ingredients Pork Cheek, salt and Pepper
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