Ground Coffee 500g Arabica Ground Coffee - Artisanal Coffee by Marago Caffè

Arabica Ground Coffee 500g

Our 100% Arabica Ground Coffee is a product made up of 3 types of Arabica Coffee from South America such as Brazil Alta Mojana, Honduras and Columbia Supremo. We chose three washed Arabica beans, to create a blend of fresh and fruity coffee, light in terms of caffeine, but at the same time full of aromas, typical of quality Arabica Coffee in particular.

Washed coffee is a coffee that is processed with the Washed method, that is, arabica coffee is processed with water and thanks above all to a stage of processing, maceration, which generates an explosion of aromas essential for the final taste.

They are offshore coffee or coffee grown at high altitudes, and typical of these products is the low caffeine content, this offers to have a drink for those who want to enjoy the black drink at any time of the day.

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Ground Coffee 500g 

Arabica Ground Coffee Artisan Coffee Roasters

Making coffee means loving it. It means knowing a fund the green bean, respecting its soul, knowing how to enhance its properties. Each blend of coffee, including this Arabica Ground Coffee made by Marago Caffè is the result of careful, rigorous and craftsmanship. Coffee roasting is the moment in which our artisan philosophy is best expressed. It is a ritual that is renewed daily to offer our customers the intense pleasure of enjoying quality coffee.

Discover the most important stages of coffee roasting: 

Blending coffees. After careful selection and careful mixing, the coffee beans are ready for cooking. They are poured through the appropriate hopper into the roasting machine, which in the meantime has been brought to temperature. All this takes place under the watchful and expert gaze of our master coffee roaster who follows the process of transforming the green beans into coffee-ready roasted coffee beans

First progress check. The first check takes place through the porthole, while the second one through the selected tool is known as "toaster" with which a sample of coffee extracted from the roaster is examined to check the cooking status.

Coffee has fallen. The coffee has reached the optimum temperature established by the expert roaster and is ready to be "dropped", that is, let out of the machine. It is the final moment of the roasting process that involves all our product lines: distinct personality, a single Marago Caffè quality.

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Weight 0.5500
Coffee Grind Fine
Coffee Brewing Method Moka
Coffee Roast Level Medium Brown
Single-Origin Blend
Length 7.0000
Width 19.0000
Height 26.0000
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