Grappa di Barbera 70cl Grappa Barricata Laetitia Gianluigi Orsini

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Grappa di Barbera - Laetitia 70cl - Grappa Barricata di Gianluigi Orsini

This Grappa Barbera, bottled by the brothers Gianluca and Andrea, was steam distilled according to Piedmontese tradition in copper stills. Subsequently, to enhance its organoleptic qualities, it was aged (Grappa Invecchiata)  to mature and to refine in oak barrels for over a year.

Distilled from the skins of Barbera d'Asti grapes. After distillation, it rested in oak barrels, where it was enriched with the typical amber colour. Intense and pleasant bouquet of vanilla and ripe fruit, soft and at the same time full and complete taste, perfect with chocolate. To be drunk in a large tulip glass, at a temperature between 16 and 18 ° C, in order to better appreciate the multiple nuances.

What is Grappa?

Grappa is a grape brandy made from grapes produced and vinified exclusively in Italy, distilled in Italy.

There are three main types of marc with which to distil grappa:

1) Fermented pomace obtained by racking red wines.
2) Semi-virgin pomace, obtained in the vinification in rosé;
the same result is obtained from the pomace of sweet wines;
3) Virgin pomace, obtained by draining in white vinification to obtain white wines. In this case, the pomace did not undergo any significant fermentation.

Virgin or semi-virgin marc must be fermented before starting the distillation since grappa is obtained only from fermented marc.
High-quality grappas require that the seeds are separated before distillation.
The name derives from the term "grapa" with which the stem is called in Lombardy.

What does Grappa Barricata means?

When next to grappa there's the word "Barricato", it means that the Grappa has been aged in oak barrels which are called "barriques". 

More Information
Alcohol % 40
Weight 0.7000
Region Piedmont
Province Asti
City Canelli
Aged 1 year
Origin of raw materials Self-produced
Mash Origin Fruits and/or Vegetables
Length 9.0000
Width 9.0000
Height 28.0000
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