Flavoured Ground Coffee 250 Gr - Bergamot Coffee CAFFEOTTO

Flavoured Ground Coffee - CAFFEOTTO

Each blend of our coffee is the result of craftsmanship, rigour and skills. Coffee roasting is the moment in which our artisan coffee philosophy is best expressed. It is a ritual that is renewed daily to offer our customers the intense pleasure of enjoying quality coffee.

Artisanal Coffee - "Marago Caffè"

Today, roasting artisanal coffee is a family passion: Dario is supported by his wife Maddalena and son Antonino in the selection of the raw material, in the preparation of the blends, in the strict artisan production processes.

The result is a rich range of conventional and organic coffees: a variety of aromas that satisfy every taste and conquer the palate at the first taste. Making coffee means loving it. It means getting to know the green bean, respecting its soul, knowing how to enhance its properties.

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Flavoured Ground Coffee 250gr- CAFFEOTTO 

CAFFEOTTO - The story of the encounter between Coffee and Bergamot

An encounter that combines culture and traditions to create a perfect understanding of flavours.

The blend of Robuste chosen for their strong aroma is combined with the strong smell of bergamot. Caffeotto tells through its unmistakable taste the encounter between coffee and bergamot from Reggio Calabria in particular, the principle of our region, Calabria.

Coffee: an 80% robust 20% Arabica blend, "La Bottega", a composition created to rediscover the taste of the toasted typical of Italian espresso.

The strong taste of a full-bodied, sweet coffee that leaves the bergamot of Reggio Calabria the task of completing the taste. Bergamot of Reggio Calabria.

The Bergamot is a fruit with a unique flavour, from ancient and inaccurate history. Origins identified in the Mediterranean area, and history to conquer the entire European continent.

Bergamot completes the sweet taste of coffee with a burst of Mediterranean freshness, which makes the palate travel and brings it to Calabria.

CAFFEOTTO - Flavoured Ground Coffee 250Gr It is the Italian format, that of tradition, the ground coffee for the Moka.

This Flavoured Ground Coffee with Moka is a surprise, an explosion of flavours. We have chosen a hermetically sealed jar, to contain and concentrate even more the perfume that explodes inside the nostrils the moment it is opened.

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Origin of raw materials Self-produced
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Width 9.0000
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