Ventricina del Vastese gr. 350 Slow Food by Ventricina & Dintorni

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Quarter of Sweet Ventricina del Vastese 350 gr. 

Ventricina del Vastese is a Slow Food Presidium of the Ventricina & Dintorni company.

Ventricina del VAstese is a traditional cured meat made from pork meat cut by hand and abundantly spiced with sweet and/or spicy pepper.

"Ventricina del Vastese" - not to be confused with Ventricina Teramana - represents the leading charcuterie product of Michele Piccirilli's company, which works it according to traditional methods.

 Ventricina is a precious cured meat because it is made with only pork leg, bacon, salt and pepper in powder.

The fresh meat is cut into large pieces and the wrapping for the sausage must have a considerable diameter, otherwise, it cannot be called not Ventricina del Vastese.

Traditional Ventricina is characterized by four peculiarities: the meat must be cut by hand into cubes of at least two centimetres per side, the casing used for the bagging must have a diameter of at least ten centimetres, the initial weight of at least 1,6 up to 2 kilograms and there must be sweet and/or spicy ground pepper. The ingredients are few and for this reason, like all recipes that require few ingredients, these must be of high quality.

 The pig must have a live weight of at least 180 kilograms, the pepper must be dried and ground at a low temperature to preserve all the organoleptic components and natural preservatives present such as vitamins and antioxidants. These have become guidelines for us from which we do not deviate, if only one cannot be respected we do not produce Ventricina del Vastese.

For this reason, we only use heavy pork meat with the right infiltration of intramuscular fat, the pepper of the Paesanello varieties we grow on our farm and when it ends we get supplies from Altino sweet pepper producers who share our vision and we only use natural national casings pork called Muletta.

Our Ventricina, like many almost all other charcuterie products, are without preservatives, lactose and gluten.

After the bagging, we use the sausage net to shape it, which we also need to hang it. Finally, to make Ventricina you need the manual skills and the experience handed down over generations it is the result of success but also of failures, the microclimate that only in Roccaspinalveti can be found and the time, to make a Ventricina it takes at least four months, a month of drying, then greased with pork lard and left to rest in the cellar, as the wine needs time to create that set of aromas, colours, flavours.
We have learned all these things with experience and observed and validated them with Science, together with the University of Molise the CREA-Nut and other Research Centers we have carried out studies to support the absence of preservatives and to study its peculiarities. Over the years we have developed a traditional processing method but with the help of modern but simple technologies such as the use of drying cells and measuring instruments to ensure that the product is good to eat and safe from the hygienic point of view -health without resorting to the use of preservatives.

Ventricina del Vastese and all the other charcuterie products of the artisan company "Ventricina & Dintorni" are produced in Roccaspinalveti a village of 1250 inhabitants in Abruzzo located at 740 meters above sea level. The mountain air with which the Ventricina has been seasoned makes it a typical handmade product.
More Information
Weight 0.3500
Origin of raw materials Self-produced
Length 5.0000
Width 10.0000
Height 4.0000
Region Abruzzo
Province Chieti
City Roccaspinalveti
Altitude (meters above sea level) 750
Meat cut Pork leg e bacon
Age 0-12 Months
Ingredients pork meat and bacon, salt, Altino sweet pepper powder
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