Flavoured Honey - Bergamot Honey Miele Del Tuccio 250g

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Bergamot Honey 250g

Wildflowers Flavoured Honey

Bergamot Honey is nothing more than the encounter between wildflower honey that I produce and the essence of bergamot.

Bergamot is a citrus fruit that is produced only in our province, Reggio Calabria (Calabria, Italy).

It has a sweet and sour taste and is excellent to combine with fish and cheeses.

Flavoured Honey - Bergamot Honey

My passion for the world of bees was born thanks to my brother-in-law who asked me to go with him to help him manage the few hives he had. Slowly I began to get more and more passionate until I decide to make of my passion, my job. This is how my journey in this world began and finally on May 30th 2019 I managed to open my company.
My company is a small working reality that I personally take care of, trying to reconcile both the management of the company and the care of bees. It is located in Bagaladi, a small town in Reggio Calabria Province, located at the foot of the Tuccio valley and which represents one of the gateways to the Aspromonte National Park (Calabria, Italy).
From the chosen name, Miele Del Tuccio, you can understand what my purpose is: in addition to wanting to carry out an indispensable work for the world, my purpose is to respect and enhance my land by producing products of the highest quality, using this that it offers me.

As a company, I produce 4 types of honey: wildflower, chestnut, eucalyptus and wildflower flavoured with bergamot, citrus that is produced only in the province of Reggio Calabria. As already mentioned, to make the most of my land, all 4 of my types of honey are produced only and exclusively within my valley.

More Information
Weight 0.2500
Length 8.0000
Width 8.0000
Height 10.0000
Region Calabria
Province Reggio Calabria
City Bagaladi
Altitude (meters above sea level) 460
Type of Honey BERGAMOT
Apis mellifera subspecies Apis mellifera ligustica
Ingredients 100% WIldflowers Honey and Bergamot Essential Oil
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