Bergamot Honey, Flavoured Honey Wildflowers Bergamot Honey Miele del Tuccio 8x500g

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Bergamot Honey, Wildflowers Bergamot Flavoured Miele del Tuccio 8x500g

Flavoured Honey by Miele del Tuccio 8x 500g Jars

Bergamot Honey is the excellent encounter between wildflower honey that I produce and the essence of bergamot essence produced by a local artisan in a nearby town. 

Bergamot Honey has a very citrusy sweet and sour taste and is excellent to combine with fish and cheeses. The use of this fragrant product is very varied, it is mainly used to sweeten, stuff and flavour sweets and dishes. this 

About Bergamot: 

Bergamot is a citrus fruit that is produced only in our province, Reggio Calabria (Calabria, Italy).

The exact genesis of this citrus is unknown; the yellow colour would indicate a derivation by genetic mutation starting from pre-existing citrus species, such as lemon, bitter orange or lime.

Its systematic classification as botanic species has also generated many controversies among botanists: some classified it as a species in its own right while others indicate it as a subspecies of bitter orange (Swingle). Some legends make bergamot derive from the Canary Islands, from which it would have been imported by Christopher Columbus; other sources favour China, Greece, or the city of Berga in Spain; while the story of the Moor of Spain is told, who sold a branch for 18 shields to the lords Valentino of Reggio (in Calabria), who grafted it on a bitter orange in one of their possessions in the Santa Caterina district (Reggio Calabria).

The etymology of the name most likely is "Begarmundi", that is, however, of the lord in Turkish, for its similarity with the shape of the Bergamot pear.

Miele del Tuccio Company Information: 

As a company, I produce 4 types of honey: wildflower, chestnut, eucalyptus and this bergamot honey. As already mentioned, to make the most of my land, all 4 of my types of honey are produced only and exclusively within my valley.

More Information
Weight 5.7000
Length 40.0000
Width 20.0000
Height 15.0000
Region Calabria
Province Reggio Calabria
City Bagaladi
Altitude (meters above sea level) 460
Type of Honey BERGAMOT
Apis mellifera subspecies Apis mellifera ligustica
Ingredients 100% Wildflowers Honey and Natural Bergamot Essential Oil
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