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How to become a cibilian

Block 1

Create your cibilian account

First of all please sign up on our platform, providing personal data such as name and surname, email address and login password.

Block 2

Fill in the form

Complete the form straight away; please remember to attach your identification document that our staff will need to verify in order to approve your subscription.

Block 3

Wait for an answer

The staff of Cibilia will check that everything is in order and approve your request.

Block 4

Your turn!

Invite those food makers who prepare the tastiest food and drink and make their best products available to buy.

Block 1

Enter the food maker's products

As soon as the food makers are approved by Cibilia you will be able to upload their products on the platform.

Block 6

Online at last!

Start earning right from the start, as soon as a customer buys products from one of your food makers.

Are you a food maker?

Find out now how to register on the platform to sell your products online, securely and conveniently. You will then be able to sell your products to a much wider pool of customers.